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St Augustine Commercial Units For Rent

Located on Dean Street, St. Augustine, These units sport a great location for businesses looking to establish a strong presence in such a high demand area. With The University of the West Indies, Hughwood Law School, School of Accounting and Management (SAM) Caribbean, Lakshmi Girls College, and a host of private learning institutions, services that can be provided for the region can include but is not limited to:

– Tutoring Centers: Offering a convenient location for tutoring services can attract students seeking academic support.

– Language Schools: These cater to students looking to learn a new language, often including courses for both local and international students.

– Test Preparation Services: Providing resources and classes for standardized tests can be in high demand near the educational institutions.

– Student Counseling Centers: Mental health and counseling services targeted towards students can be invaluable, especially given the stress of academic life.

– Bookstores: A bookstore that specializes in academic textbooks, study guides, and educational materials can be a go-to spot for students.

– Stationery and Office Supplies Stores: Providing essential supplies for students such as notebooks, pens, and other stationery items, as well as catering to the administrative needs of teachers and professors.

– Printing and Copying Services: Offering printing, copying, and binding services for students’ assignments, projects, and theses.

– Tech Repair and Sales: Providing repair services for laptops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as selling tech accessories and gadgets.

– Fitness Centers: Gyms or fitness studios offering student discounts and convenient workout locations can attract both students and faculty.

– Coffee Shops and Cafes: Providing a space for study, socialize, and relax can be highly lucrative, especially if coupled with free Wi-Fi and student-friendly prices.

– Educational Supply Stores: Stores that specialize in selling educational supplies, such as laboratory equipment, art supplies, or specialized tools for certain fields of study.

– Financial Services: Offering banking, budgeting, or financial planning services targeted towards students who are managing their finances for the first time.

Our valued spaces vary in sizing offering flexibility for budgeting!

640 sq ft $14,500
920 sq ft $20,500
966 sq ft $22,500
1,269 sq ft $28,000

Our gated compound with a guard booth provides secure parking for 30 vehicles with security cameras.
In addition These units host a total of 6 Male/Female washrooms. and common areas.

Interested participants for viewing please contact our agent.

Agent: Justin Samuel | +1(868)475-8287

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  • Property ID 3257
  • Price $14,500
  • Bedrooms 5
  • Bathrooms 5


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